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Client Services

We provide services locally & nationally for temporary & permanent staff. The complete service we provide is designed to meet all the recruitment needs of our clients however some clients prefer to use us as and when required.

The complete Service                                                                                     

  • Meeting arrange to determined client needs.
  • Define the required candidate specification.
  • Arrange advertising plan(if necessary.
  • Interview & select appropriate candidates.
  • Prepare short list of candidates that meet the specification.
  • Liaise with client on final choice of candidate.
  • Notify successful candidate & unsuccessful candidates.
  • Follow up to ensure candidate has settled in evaluate service to ensure client satisfaction
  • Evaluate service to ensure client satisfaction


The Range of services

  • Permanent recruitment.
  • Temporary recruitment.
  • Overseas recruitment. 
  • Management/executive recruitment.
  • Opening recruitment packages.
  • Training Packages 


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